Two weeks to go – gulp! And a special Cold Sunflower price

Well, just a couple of weeks to go before Ordinary Angels is released into the world on 18/8. I am getting nervous!
I thought about having a bit of a 'do' for the launch, perhaps on the 25th of August at around 6.30pm - nothing definite - but if I can arrange it, there will be books to buy or you can bring any you have bought on Amazon (which helps the ratings) and I'll sign them if you want. Or just come for a drink - Keep that evening free, it will be in Colchester, it really would be lovely to see you.

Two Weeks Only

To celebrate the release of Ordinary Angels on  the 18th of August - Cold Sunflowers will be 99p/99c on Amazon for two weeks only - if you haven't read it yet now's your chance.

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