Ordinary Angels Background

Ordinary Angels Release Date 18/8/22

I wrote Ordinary Angels over lockdown and, after reading it again, I think it’s got a craziness about it.

It started as a Cold Sunflowers type story, but as the days dragged on and I gorged myself on Netflix box sets; I wanted to escape – and a new story was born. I hope you can forgive my indulgence.

Stephen King is partly to blame - I read his book On Writing, which is a great read even if you are not going to write a book. In it he says we can make anything into an exciting story – he gives an example of a maintenance man mending a light switch – but just say if that light switch was on a spaceship.

I was in my room. Bored. We couldn’t go out and I wondered what would happen if a fairy appeared.

I had been thinking about charisma and why certain people have it, while the rest of us are as dull as dishwater. Bowie, Jagger, Sinatra, Presley, Obama, top managers and even some crooks – I thought what if they had a fairy to help them.

That was the start. It quickly moved on to money laundering, Eastern European thugs and game show hosts.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Sippings book without some love, an awkward protagonist and some tears, happy and sad. I read somewhere, no tears in the author, no tears in the reader. You will be pleased to know I had something in my eye on a number of occasions.

I hope you enjoy reading Ordinary Angels as much as I did writing it – it got me through that dark time and maybe now it can add to the joy of getting out in the sun again. It’s easy to read and the chapters are short, which I like - you can have a quick browse before bedtime. I will sign off with two quotes from my favourite characters, Ernest from Cold Sunflowers and Iris from Ordinary Angels:

‘Be kind and have a dream or two.’

‘Love’s infinite. It’s never going to run out, no matter how many people find it or find it again. There’s enough.’

Happy reading.

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