Lost My Bottle

I am ashamed to say it but ......

I chickened out - I had every intention of attempting to go for some crowd funding help but just couldn't get myself to do it

I used Kickstarter ‎and I completed every step and each one had been approved; it was just a question of pressing the button and making the campaign live - but I couldn't do it - I didn't want to ask friends (and it would have been Facebook pals to begin with) for money. I know they would get a book or something in return and I know many of them will buy the book anyway - but I don't know, I just couldn't do it - I think we Brits are too introverted and don't like asking for anything!!

Anyway, in case you are thinking of crowd funding here is what you have to do on Kick Starter



You need a short blurb and an image - this is what I wrote:

Hi, I have written my first book after about forty years in the making. I am now looking to get it professionally edited and published.


Here is where you list your rewards for the amount pledged - don't forget to add postage if you need to - this is what I had.

Pledge £5 or more

Thank You

A thank you on the Hall of Fame page on the Cold Sunflowers' Website.

Pledge £10 or more

Signed Copy of Cold Sunflowers

Signed copy of Cold Sunflowers plus a 'thank you' on the Hall of Fame page on the website.

Pledge £15 or more

Cold Sunflowers plus Cover poster

Signed copy of Cold Sunflowers plus an amazing cover poster plus a 'thank you' on the Hall of Fame page on the Cold Sunflowers website.

Pledge £30 or more

Skype Session

30 minute Skype session with me - ask me anything you like, preferably about my experience producing Cold Sunflowers - if you are new to self publishing I might be able to help - plus a signed copy of Cold Sunflowers, plus a cover poster, plus a 'thank you' on the Hall of Fame page on the Cold Sunflowers' Website.

Pledge £50 or more

Copy of the original manuscript

Copy of the original manuscript so you can compare how the book changed following professional editing - Limited to 20 manuscripts, each will be signed and numbered, plus signed copy of Cold Sunflowers, plus cover poster, plus a 'thank you' on the Hall of Fame page on the Cold Sunflowers' Website.


I used an abridged version of what's on the website - you also have to think about risks - what would stop you fulfilling the rewards - in my case there were none - the book was written - cover designed - the Kickstarter was just to help with the cost of editing which I was prepared to pay for anyway - It could be seen as an advance order for the book I guess.

About You

Speaks for itself.


You need to provide bank account and credit card details - the credit card is needed in case there is a dispute with your backers and you have to refund a pledge. This bit is all very serious and they will check your bank account and that you fulfill the criteria below - it takes a couple of days to get approved - don't panic.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to start a Kickstarter project as a creator in United Kingdom, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You are 18 years of age or older.
  • You are a permanent resident of United Kingdom.
  • You are creating a project in your own name, or on behalf of a registered legal entity with which you are affiliated.
  • You have a bank account, address, and government-issued ID from United Kingdom. An EU-issued ID is also acceptable.
  • If running your project as an individual, the linked bank account must belong to the person who verified their identity for your project.
  • You have a major credit or debit card


I think Kickstarter is a great way to help fund a project - don't forget it's all or nothing - I had asked for £700 - if I had raised £699 the project wouldn't have been funded - it just wasn't for me - I should have viewed it as an advance order for the book but just couldn't bring myself to ask people for the cash - please don't be put off by my being a chicken - hope this helps if you fancy doing it yourself.

Having said all that, if anyone would like to purchase any of the rewards, please let me know.

My next post will be my cover reveal.

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