Dodos Don’t Fly

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Mojo was a Dodo but his real name was Colin, that’s because dodos weren't allowed to have unusual names.

It was just one of the 127 dodo rules Colin had to follow.

But Colin was different.He was always asking questions and one day he discovered that the most important Dodo rule wasn't right at all.

Beautifully illustrated by Essex artist John Hepburn, Dodos Don’t Fly is a story for all ages.

If you have ever dreamed so hard you have wished the world away, then this is the book for you.



Praise for Dodos Don't Fly

Lovely story to engage children either as a listener or a reader. I read it to my youngest grandson of four.He asked lots of questions a curious four year old would ask I have a feeling he will be asking me about Dodo's for many weeks to come.

“Dodos Don't Fly” is a fantastic short story. The author, Mark Sippings, wrote this as a children’s story. Yet, it is more than a simple tale. Don’t let anyone tell you dodos cannot fly…

Oops. I just broke rules #1 and #11.

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