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Mojo was a Dodo but his real name was Colin, that’s because dodos weren't allowed to have unusual names. It was just one of the 127 dodo rules Colin had to follow.

But Colin was different.

He was always asking questions and one day he discovered the most important Dodo rule wasn't right at all.

Beautifully illustrated by Essex artist John Hepburn, Dodos Don’t Fly is a story for all ages.

If you have ever dreamed so hard you have wished the world away, then this is the book for you.

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Well, I am still writing my new novel (I’ve actually got three on the go) - you probably know how long it took me to complete Cold Sunflowers, so when these will be ready is anyone’s guess.

I met John Hepburn, a local artist, few months ago. He had done some brilliant work on the album covers for my old band Idle Hours and these were well received. I hadn’t seen him for a while.

We started talking about books and illustration and an idea I had about dodos. These birds had always fascinated me since I was little. I felt so sorry for them, unable to fly, far too friendly and easy to catch and now there were none anywhere in the world.

John said if I wrote something he would illustrate it and Dodos Don’t Fly was born.

As you can see, before John began work he made several models, one of which he gave to me. It gives me a peck every now and again if I slack, so things may progress quicker now!

It’s a kids book and only 20 pages but if you have ever felt stifled by the rules and dreamt of spreading your wings and flying to the stars, maybe you will find something in the story - I know I did.


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