Amazon USA Ranking

It's a best seller !!!!

Over the last week I have been running a special promotion reducing the Kindle download price for Cold Sunflowers to 99c.

Rankings are really important on Amazon and I have been keeping a close eye on them.

As the promotion  progressed so did Cold Sunflowers and up the charts it went. The top 500 was brilliant but it didn't stop there - next was 376 and number 6 in the 'Coming of Age' category, then number 133 and 4 - surely it couldn't  reach the top hundred best sellers, along with Margaret Atwood, Jodie Picoult, Michael Crichton, Lee Child and JK Rowling, but it did - number 45 - I can't begin to explain how exciting that was, but as an added bonus I then had the lovely orange 'best seller' badge pinned to the book for being number one in 'Coming of Age' and  'Military Romance' -

What a brilliant week - thank you EVERYONE who has bought the book - if you are about to begin reading it I really hope you enjoy. Please get in touch and let me know what you think.


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