Why so quiet ?

You have probably noticed things have been a little quiet on the writing front.

Last February I had some bad news and was diagnosed with leukaemia - it’s been a bit of a nightmare since then - 4 blood transfusions and 6 months of chemotherapy but my treatment ends in March and although the disease is incurable it can be controlled and all things considered I am feeling pretty good.

I haven’t felt like writing anything but hopefully that should all change in the next few weeks - I had written about 30,000 words for my new book before my diagnosis and I think it could be a good one.

What has really lifted me over the last year are your emails - thank you x. It’s lovely to hear your thoughts about my books and there has been such a lot of love towards them. Keep them coming marksippings@outlook.com

Over the last year I have often thought what’s going on - why me ? I keep fit, look after myself, I’m kind to kittens but then maybe it enabled the universe to make the year a special one and my first granddaughter Roma was born - Everything Happens for a Reason !

Anyway, after March I need to go crazy and live life to the full any ideas gratefully received !

Best wishes to all, it’s certainly taught me not to take this gift of life for granted  xx

Ps Ordinary Angels is heading up the Amazon charts in the UK and US, things are looking up 🙂

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